Exercise and capture areas!

The goal of the game is to claim as many areas as possible by running or cycling. Every new player starts with 1 area.

Your area

An area that you own has your color and your photo displayed top right.

Your area

The area that you are on will highlight and displays your photo in the bottom right with a border in your color. This could be your area or one of your opponents'.

Your area

A free area is colored in white.

Your area

An area owned by an opponent has their color, displays their photo in the top right and possibly another small photo of an opponent who is currently visiting in the bottom left.

Hint: It is possible that an opponent is on one of your areas or the other way around. Or that an opponent is standing on the same area as you. Multiple opponents can stand on an area, but only 1 is visible. The last player who claimed the area is the owner.

How does it work?
Your area

You create an account on Tag Runners by signing in with your Strava account. Your running activities on Strava will automatically be sent to the game when you finish running with Strava. You will be awarded with energy points. With 1 energy point you can claim 1 area using the blue arrow keys in the bottom of the screen. Hint: You can scroll through the area and you can change your color on your profile page.

You will receive 0.1 energy for every 100 meters per run or for every 500 meters per cycling session.

Game rules

Manual sport activities do not award energy points.

When you have 5 or more energy points, you will receive 0.5 energy per kilometer.

Energy points wil be valid until midnight (CET time).

For every new player, 9 new areas will be added to the game. One of which will be given to the player.

If you've lost all your areas, you will remain in the game. You can always earn new energy points and claim back areas.

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